The Oblivion Bar: A Nerd-Culture Podcast


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Great Pod

One of the better podcasts coming out. Keep an eye on this one

Take a seat at the Oblivion Bar..

Don’t let yourself get left behind on all things nerdy; take a seat at the Oblivion Bar and let Aaron and Chris keep you up to date. They’ll keep you entertained, while keeping you informed! So quit waiting; subscribe and stream their newest episodes! Then be sure to leave your own review to share the love for these guys, and the fantastic work they do! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -The Good Game Guys




Love this podcast. Chris is the funniest love him! Great content 🤓

Must Listen For All Comic Fans!!!

This is one of the most informative, fun and well organized nerd podcasts out there. The hosts have an obviously overwhelming appreciation for the comic book medium. Their vast collective knowledge make for incredibly entertaining conversations. A must have in your podcast rotation! (Lance-Comic Book Keepers)

Love them!

Great guys with awesome attitudes and fun takes on everything comic related :)

Best, The Absolute

I LOVE this podcast! Aaron and Chris are so passionate about all things “nerd”-culture, and this comes through in every single episode. They clearly put massive amounts of thought and energy into the show, and it’s so fun to listen to them nerd out together!

Great analysis and quality content!

Loved the full series breakdown of Wanda Vision. Very thorough and satisfies my nerdy interests to a T! Check these guys out and subscribe if you haven’t already

Mz Appel


Couple of fun nerds

The intro is a bit long, but they’re definitely entertaining thereafter.

Great Show!

Listened to episode 26, great news sections about The Mandalorian, The Boys and Black Widow. I would not pay over $10 to stream it on Disney +. Wandavision sections were very informative and entertaining. I agree that Ralph is most likely Mephisto. Great episode, would listen again!

Love the show!

Love what you guys are doing and hope to team up in the very near future!

Can’t get enough

Love this podcast and can’t wait for more. Always interesting and learning more!!

Bask in Nerd Glory!

This podcast is outstanding. Just listen to their DC FanDome & Umbrella Academy Breakdown to hear what I mean. The conversations are joyous, warm, inviting, and thoughtful. Stop reading this review and just click subscribe.

Great show!

Anyone looking for a good podcast on pop culture should absolutely check this out.

Episode 16 was AMAZING!

Loved Chris and Aaron’s review of Umbrella Academy season II and their HUGE breakdown of DC FanDome! Seriously my favorite source for NERD NEWS 🤓

Love the show!

These guys are awesome!!!

Great podcast!!

Chris and Aaron are very knowledgeable and entertaining! This podcast is an easy listen and I highly recommended!!!

Can’t wait for more!

I love listening to this podcast. Chris and Aaron are a fun team and I can’t wait for more episodes!


Greatest podcast! I learn so much each episode🤓Also Chris is adorable too😍

Perfect commuting pod

Aaron and Chris are so fun to listen to every week! They’re so knowledgeable about comics and movies... thank you guys for making my commute enjoyable every week!

Phenomenal podcast

You can tell that these guys really know their stuff when it comes to being a nerd and do a great job of digesting it and giving us a nice synopsis of nerd news. Chris and Aaron work well as a pair to bring you both sides of every argument!

Super Fun and informative

Not only is this awesome, but I’ve learned more about the superhero and sci-fi entertainment genre than I have on any other online medium.


This podcast is both intellectually stimulating and entertaining. I always thought Chris’s butt was the best thing he had going until I heard his insight on the worst comic book movies of all time in episode 10. He has his finger on the pulse of America and pop culture world wide. I’d name my first born son after him and would give him my last testicle if he needed it to procreate. We need more people like Chris in this world.

I love this podcast!

Seriously, it is the best! Chris and Aaron creates something special here

Love iiiiit

The podcast is dope! Chris is the best. He’s no Bronson.... but I love him non the less! Keep it up!