The Oblivion Bar: A Nerd-Culture Podcast


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Chris and Aaron bring a fun energy to every episode. You can hear the strength of their friendship, and the real excitement they have for their topics. They have put together a top-notch show with incredible guest interviews. The Battle Royale episodes are a particular highlight. Highly Recommend!

Love this podcast!!

I always enjoy the banter and honest reviews of whatever Chris and Aaron are talking about!! I gotta catch up on current movies and TV so I can go back and listen to all the episodes!!

Love this podcast

Love this podcast


Such an addicting podcast! Tune in!

Best podcast ever

You should 100% listen to this podcast because I have been binge listening to this all day and I gotta say it does not disappoint.

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I love this podcast! I came for the Jason Aaron interview, and I stayed for everything else. Their episode on their favorite comic book couples with Comic Book Couples Consoling is an all-time great 🎙


If you are a Superman fan, you have to listen to EPISODE 052 from their Unite The Seven event 💫

Best. Podcast. Ever.

NERD ALERT!! These two boys know their stuff! It’s so fun to listen to them because you can tell they love what they’re doing. It’s an easy, fun, and enjoyable podcast about all things nerd!!

Great and nerdy!

Nothing better than hearing fellow nerds discuss the things we’re all passionate about!

Great show!

This is my new favorite geeky podcast. Aaron’s Twitch Talk is my absolute favorite 😎


I love the analysis and conversation between Chris and Aaron — they know their stuff. I especially loved the UNITE THE SEVEN: Superman episode. Highly recommend 🌟🌟🌟

Favorite new podcast!

OMG!!! Best podcast ever!!! I love this so much! I listen all the time! LOVE LOVE LOVE🤩

These dudes cover all things nerdy and I’m here for it!

These nerds know their stuff! The huge variety of topics and their vast knowledge of the nerd multiverse makes this show a fun and informative ride each week. They also have tons of great interviews from people in the comic and film industry that are super interesting! Definitely check this show out!

Worthy of Mjolnir!!

A great listen from 2 very knowledgeable hosts!!! Pop culture fun at its finest!!!

Amazing pod!

Chris and Aaron are amazing co-hosts and really know their pop culture stuff! Highly entertaining & a can’t miss show.

Really like the concept

I think this is a cool concept of having interviews, reviews, as the main topic for each episode. It gives a fresh outlook and offers a change of pace while also having the same structure feel. Very cool

New favorite podcast 🎙

Chris and Aaron are so in-depth with their analysis on all things nerdy! I’ve read at least four different suggestions from Chris’ Corner 📚

Best Nerdy Podcast EVER!

I love this podcast so much — it always informs me on the latest nerdy news each week. I especially loved the Unite The Seven: Superman episode 💫

Just started, but will keep listening

I just started to listen based on the Unite the 7, but I have exclusively had them on for this past week and I am so glad I can back fill what I missed. This is a great listen, informative and entertaining. The hosts have more than enough knowledge on everything they talk about, but it is still fun. Makes me want to be in the room with them!

Take a listen!

This podcast delivers solid content each episode! Aaron & Chris crush it with insights & fun banter ever time. Don't just take my word for it. Hit download & hear for yourself! #ODPH


YOU GUYS..... I was convinced to download this podcast while I was a little tipsy....of course I said sureee. A couple days later I listened to it and it is PURE GOLD. Couldnt believe it. 10/10 recommend.

Fleeky fleek

Omg Chris is the besttttttrtt podcast skills on fleek

Chris is a rockstar

This podcast is the best on the market! Chris is the BEST podcast host ever, an expert on the subject matter. Favorite nerdy podcast by far


I show this show!!!


i love this show!! amazing!


I love Chris and I love the show!


Awesome show! My favorite nerdy podcast everrrrr! It’s my favorite part of my Monday when the episodes drop :)

Great people doing great stuff

Love the creators and their podcast. Seriously some of the best content out there. Listen and see for yourself. Recommend 10000%

I love Oblivion Bar!!

I love this podcast so much! If you love comics, super heroes and lots of other great things you’ll love this podcast too!!❤️ Also Chris is amazing

Nummer eins Fan von Aaron sinnliche Stimme

Ich kann kein Englisch, aber dieser Podcast hat mein Leben verändert. Der sanfte Klang von Aarons Stimme bringt meinen Geliebten Hans immer in Stimmung.