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Charles Soule

Writer of Curse Words, Eight Billion Genies, Undiscovered Country, and is a Creative Consultant for Lucas Films

Charles is the writer behind comic titles like DAREDEVIL, SHE-HULK, SWAMP THING, LETTER 44, DEATH OF WOLVERINE, UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, and one of the world’s leading creative forces (no pun-intended) for Marvel’s Star Wars comics (The Rise of Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Poe Dameron, Lando, War of the Bounty Hunters, and many more).

He is also one of the co-creators of Image Comics' CURSE WORDS and EIGHT BILLION GENIES with artist Ryan Browne.

INTERVIEW: Charles Soule & Ryan Browne

June 13, 2022

INTERVIEW: Charles Soule & Ryan Browne

News and Notes (presented by Shortboxed ) (6:28) For episode 82, Chris and Aaron discuss Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman and writer Gil Kenan are now working together on a new Ghostbusters animated series for N...