Dec. 31, 2021


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"I have a bow and arrow... none of this makes sense. But I'm going back out there because it's my job, okay?"🏹 🏹

News and Notes: (04:43)

For episode 66, Chris and Aaron discuss a recently discovered hidden gem in the SHANG-CHI mid-credits scene could affect the MCU in a devastating way, Tom Hiddleston talks about LOKI season II and continuing the character's redemptive arc, and Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is set to appear in HBO Max's BATGIRL film.

Main Topic (15:34)

For our main topic, it is finally time to review and discuss Disney+ and Marvel Studios' latest installment HAWKEYE 🏹 In 2012, during the Battle of New York, a young Kate Bishop witnesses Clint Barton battling the Chitauri and aspires to become a hero like him after he inadvertently saves her life. In the present, Barton must help a now grown-up Kate uncover a mystery dealing with the underbelly of New York’s crime-lords – all while also trying to get home in time for Christmas 🎄

Aaron’s Twitch Talk (53:36)

Chris’ Corner (57:09)

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