Jan. 11, 2021

MOVIE REVIEW: Wonder Woman 1984 / SERIES REVIEW: Mandalorian Season 2

MOVIE REVIEW: Wonder Woman 1984 / SERIES REVIEW: Mandalorian Season 2
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New year, same ole Oblivion Bar! Hey friends, welcome back to our first episode The Oblivion Bar Podcast, The Official Podcast of The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO, of 2021!

For episode 24, Chris and Aaron discuss Zack Snyder CONFIRMING there are only TWO newly shot scenes in the JUSTICE LEAGUE SNYDER CUT, Michael Keaton's Batman will reportedly be ‘the main’ Batman of the DCEU, and Jodie Whittaker is rumored to be LEAVING DOCTOR WHO after this next season.

We have TWO main topics this week -- Starting us off, we review Wonder Woman 1984! We promise we won't spiritually take over your body and make you listen to this review. With that, we also review something we actually liked: Mandalorian: Season 2. This is the way!

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