July 20, 2020


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You know what's really cool? Podcasts. You know what's even cooler than podcasts? Dogs. You want to know what's EVEN COOLER than dogs? The Oblivion Bar Podcast -- The Official Podcast of The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO!

Okay... That's not true, dogs are way cooler, but it's kind of close! For episode 13, Chris and Aaron discuss Disney music executive Mitchell Leib saying "the time is right" for TRON 3, the Russo Brothers are set to direct Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in Netflix's big-budget spy thriller THE GREY MAN, Hayden Christensen has reportedly signed on to Disney+ series KENOBI, and Rorschach from WATCHMEN is getting his own solo series through DC BLACK LABEL.

Movie review time! This week, Chris and Aaron review Netflix's The Old Guard, based off the comic of the same name -- written by Greg Rucka! How many David A. Weiner's will it get? Tune in and find out!

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