June 15, 2020

MOVIE REVIEW: Artemis Fowl

MOVIE REVIEW: Artemis Fowl
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What's better than starting your morning off with a nice cup of Joe and a brand new episode of The Oblivion Bar Podcast? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, SAY IT AGAIN HUH!

For episode zero zero niner, Chris and Aaron reflect on the passing of legendary comic book scribe Dennis O'Neil, TENET/Wonder Wonder 84' getting new release dates, and ALL the new information we have on the release of the Playstation 5 (it's a lot).

The only thing more FOWL than ARTEMIS is his 2020 film adaptation AM I RIGHT? No but seriously, it's not very good -- but what IS good is listening to two nerds discuss what went wrong with the film at great length, then rating it out of five "David A. Weiners" at the end. Listen to the episode if you want to understand that weird inside joke.

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