Oct. 4, 2021

INTERVIEW: Rhylee Passfield

INTERVIEW: Rhylee Passfield
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Our third and final week of Interview-Palooza is finally here!

For episode 55, Chris and Aaron discuss Scarlett Johansson and Disney make peace and resolve BLACK WIDOW lawsuit, poster for STAR WARS: THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT reveals December premiere date, and the 1993 SUPER MARIO BROS. film shoots to the top of Amazon's Best Sellers chart.

For our main topic, we sit down with TikTok sensation Rhylee Passfield! Recently surpassing 1 MILLION followers on TikTok, Rhylee coins her content as ‘cursed cosplays’, and they are some of the most creative and hilarious videos on the internet. Rhylee is also an accomplished model, make-up artist, painter, and singer as well.

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Rhylee PassfieldProfile Photo

Rhylee Passfield

TikTok Sensation

Rhylee Passfield, known to her 2.0 million followers on TikTok as @rhyleep95, has found all kinds of success over on the platform. She is also known for coining the term "cursed cosplay".