Jan. 17, 2021

INTERVIEW: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

INTERVIEW: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
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LANDMARK 25th EPISODE! Wow, what a freaking #MILESTONE!

Hey everyone, welcome back to The Oblivion Bar, the Official Podcast of The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO.

For episode 25, Chris and Aaron discuss Chris Evans in talks to REPRISE his role as Captain America in the MCU, Nintendo reveals a trailer for SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD + BOWSER'S FURY, there's a A NEW INDIANA JONES VIDEO GAME being created by Bethesda, and Netflix has plans to release AT LEAST one new movie per week in 2021.

For our main topic, we are proud to welcome onto the show Eisner-nominated writer and future spearhead of the Superman at DC Comics and Alien at Marvel, Phillip Kennedy Johnson! We talk about his journey into comics, what it's like being a solider and comic book writer simultaneously, and what we are to expect from his work at Marvel and DC in 2021.

For more information of Phillip Kennedy Johnson, head over to https://www.phillipkennedyjohnson.com

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Phillip Kennedy JohnsonProfile Photo

Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Comic Book Writer of Marvel's Alien, Action Comics/Superman, and DC Black Label's The Last God

Phillip Kennedy Johnson is an Eisner-nominated writer and musician living in the Washington, DC/Baltimore region. He writes both SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS over at DC Comics and ALIEN and THE HULK at Marvel Comics.

He is the creator of comic series THE LAST GOD from DC Black Label, LAST SONS OF AMERICA (currently in development at Netflix), WARLORDS OF APPALACHIA, SMOKETOWN, and many more.