July 26, 2021

INTERVIEW: David Harper

INTERVIEW: David Harper
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For episode 47, Chris had the pleasure of sitting down with David Harper -- creator of SKTCHD, a comic book centric website that approaches the world of comics from a unique perspective, taking a deeper, research-driven dive into the stories and the people who make them. He is also the host of the weekly comic-creator interview podcast called Off Panel, which has had (most) of the medium’s top talent on for a conversation about those funny books we all know and love. If you haven't already, definitely check out Off Panel!

David's Twitter: https://twitter.com/slicedfriedgold

SKTCHD: https://sktchd.com


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David HarperProfile Photo

David Harper

Creator of sktchd.com and Host of Off Panel

David is the creator of SKTCHD, a subscription based comic book site site designed to approach comics and the world around them from a unique perspective, taking deeper, research-driven dives into the stories behind the comics and the people who make them.

He also hosts the incredible Off Panel, a weekly interview show where David welcomes guests from comics and beyond to talk the stories behind what they do.