March 27, 2023

INTERVIEW: Christian Ward & Patric Reynolds

INTERVIEW: Christian Ward & Patric Reynolds
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Joining us for episode 112 of is the creative team behind the smash vampire horror comic title through Image Comics: BLOOD STAINED TEETH.

The series follows everyone’s favorite vampire bastard Atticus Sloane. For decades, Atticus has been turning humans into vampires for his own personal gain. Now, The First Borns Council, a secret cabal of Billionaire vampires have issued Atticus a threat, kill all of those he has turned, or the Council comes for him.

It is our honor to welcome Christian Ward and Patric Reynolds onto The Oblivion Bar Podcast!

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1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:05,200 Hey, this is writer Christian Ward and this is artist Patrick Reynolds 2 00:00:05,200 --> 00:00:11,000 And we are the creative team behind the hit vampire series through image comics 3 00:00:11,400 --> 00:00:16,880 Blood stained teeth and you are listening to the oblivion bar podcast 4 00:00:16,880 --> 00:00:28,220 Welcome to the oblivion bar podcast with your host Chris Hacker and Aaron Knowles 5 00:00:28,220 --> 00:00:50,540 Hello everyone, welcome to episode 112 of the oblivion bar podcast the official podcast of the 6 00:00:50,540 --> 00:00:54,780 fantasy shop in st. Charles, Missouri. I am Chris Hacker one of your co-hosts here and joining me 7 00:00:54,780 --> 00:01:00,500 this week as he does every single week my BFF and co-host Aaron Knowles. What's up buddy? 8 00:01:00,500 --> 00:01:06,300 Is it yo yo is there something what's what's up with your teeth? What do you mean? Are they they're 9 00:01:06,300 --> 00:01:13,500 red are they blood stained? Oh that's that's very clever Aaron because today yes we are talking to 10 00:01:13,500 --> 00:01:18,980 creators Christian Ward and Patrick Reynolds the co-creators artists writer of image comics blood 11 00:01:18,980 --> 00:01:23,700 stained teeth very excited to talk to those two gentlemen the tenth issue actually comes out March 12 00:01:23,700 --> 00:01:31,780 29th so this episode is gonna come out on March 27th which says a Monday that Wednesday is when 13 00:01:31,780 --> 00:01:35,460 that tenth and final issue is gonna come out so a little pre-warning and I think we actually 14 00:01:35,460 --> 00:01:40,220 talked about during the conversation Aaron spoilers ahead if you have not read issue 10 15 00:01:40,220 --> 00:01:45,820 they or the entire series of blood stained teeth please don't go any further we want you to read 16 00:01:45,820 --> 00:01:53,340 this yeah exactly like we want you to read this series we want you to come back and listen to this 17 00:01:53,340 --> 00:01:57,460 conversation but make sure you read this because we you know when Christian came on and decided 18 00:01:57,460 --> 00:02:02,060 that he wanted to come back on the show Aaron he said that one of the things he really wanted to 19 00:02:02,060 --> 00:02:07,420 do was go full spoilers fully just openly discuss blood stained teeth and I was like well let's 20 00:02:07,420 --> 00:02:11,500 bring Patrick on as well because he obviously is co-creator like we just said he's got a 21 00:02:11,500 --> 00:02:15,340 perspective on the creation of the story let's bring him on and also he doesn't do a ton of 22 00:02:15,340 --> 00:02:18,900 podcasts as well so I thought it'd be really cool to have him right here on the oblivion bar and we 23 00:02:18,900 --> 00:02:27,140 know they both are we what's that they're both sweet hats couple of sweet house sweet hats they 24 00:02:27,140 --> 00:02:31,780 are awesome and I think you can tell how much fun we had with them during that conversation it kind 25 00:02:31,780 --> 00:02:36,380 of bleeds through but but first but first but first let's go ahead and talk about patreon air 26 00:02:36,380 --> 00:02:43,820 and tell how's keeping support the show exactly Chris little Chris you got the accents going to 27 00:02:43,820 --> 00:02:51,700 that yeah how about you want to do some some supporting that huh ma the car keys ma the pizza 28 00:02:51,700 --> 00:02:58,860 rolls meatloaf so we're on the meatloaf we're on patreon forward slash oblivion 29 00:02:58,860 --> 00:03:04,540 bar pod of course for your contribution you get access to just a whole bunch of stuff that makes 30 00:03:04,540 --> 00:03:10,260 it like so worth it like you know they say get make sure you get the best bang for your buck well 31 00:03:10,260 --> 00:03:15,620 we got a lot of bangs and you know we only require a couple of bucks so you can have access to the 32 00:03:15,620 --> 00:03:23,100 grid which is our patreon exclusive weekly podcast which is basically the oblivion bar but no format 33 00:03:23,100 --> 00:03:27,900 a little bit a little bit dark humor a little bit of more fun there's no four it's just like again 34 00:03:27,900 --> 00:03:33,340 it's free flowing it's our sandbox it is the grid the grid we let it all hang out on the grids yes 35 00:03:33,340 --> 00:03:39,860 we're not naked but we do let it all hang out you get access to episode transcripts before the show 36 00:03:39,860 --> 00:03:44,900 our weekly podcast airs so you can actually see what we're gonna be talking about you can brush 37 00:03:44,900 --> 00:03:49,620 up you can get knowledgeable that way you can join in on the conversation as well and then you 38 00:03:49,620 --> 00:03:55,380 also get early access to these episodes so if you're a patreon contributor you will get early 39 00:03:55,380 --> 00:04:01,300 access to all of our shows before the general public so you get to hear and talk about anything 40 00:04:01,300 --> 00:04:06,340 and be in the know before your friends are in the know that's all the nerdy stuff last but not least 41 00:04:06,340 --> 00:04:14,020 you get a special shout out at the end of each oblivion bar episode which i do myself live well 42 00:04:14,020 --> 00:04:19,020 not live but every every week i do it yep you know it's not pre-recorded obviously i can't just you 43 00:04:19,020 --> 00:04:23,740 know throw in some mails but anyways the other thing is if depending on which tier you subscribe 44 00:04:23,740 --> 00:04:31,340 at you might even get some free swag like recently our patreon members they got what chris they got 45 00:04:31,340 --> 00:04:36,540 the phantom road number one done by the aforementioned christian ward which we talked 46 00:04:36,540 --> 00:04:41,420 about during this conversation which is incredible for everyone who has not listed episode 111 or for 47 00:04:41,420 --> 00:04:45,580 some reason doesn't follow us on social media which you should be at oblivion bar pod on pretty much 48 00:04:45,580 --> 00:04:51,740 every social media we got a cover erin we have we have a variant cover of an image comic series 49 00:04:51,740 --> 00:04:56,220 called phantom road number one that's sold out yeah yeah first printings are sold out and we have 50 00:04:56,220 --> 00:05:01,900 the most exclusive variant of that sold out first printing so kudos to us if you want to you know 51 00:05:01,900 --> 00:05:06,540 erin will tell you here in just a bit on how you can get a version of that probably over on whatnot 52 00:05:06,540 --> 00:05:11,100 wink wink but uh christian ward did that cover art and we had again we do talk about during this 53 00:05:11,100 --> 00:05:17,020 conversation so uh very exciting stuff yeah so when you can if you want to you know 54 00:05:17,020 --> 00:05:21,900 forward slash oblivion bar pod join the patreon community show some support and we are forever 55 00:05:21,900 --> 00:05:27,100 grateful for all the support of our you know current future and past you know supporters 56 00:05:27,100 --> 00:05:33,260 it's been amazing and we just we take everything that is uh that is given via patreon and we just 57 00:05:33,260 --> 00:05:37,900 put it right back in the show because we want to make this that much better and i feel like we've 58 00:05:37,900 --> 00:05:43,100 said enough so i really want to get into this amazing conversation that we're going to have 59 00:05:43,100 --> 00:05:47,900 with patrick reynolds and christian ward that's right yeah let's go ahead and get into it uh we 60 00:05:47,900 --> 00:05:52,220 will see you back after the conversation with christian ward and patrick reynolds 61 00:05:54,620 --> 00:05:57,340 and now this week's special guest 62 00:06:00,940 --> 00:06:06,380 joining us for episode 112 is the creative team behind the smash vampire horror comic title 63 00:06:06,380 --> 00:06:10,780 through image comics bloodstained teeth the series follows everyone's favorite vampire bastard 64 00:06:10,780 --> 00:06:16,380 atticus slone for decades atticus has been turning humans into vampires for his own personal gain 65 00:06:16,380 --> 00:06:22,540 now the firstborn council a secret cabal of billionaire vampires have issued atticus a threat 66 00:06:22,540 --> 00:06:28,540 kill all those he has turned or the council comes for him it is our it is our honor to welcome 67 00:06:28,540 --> 00:06:36,860 christian ward and patrick reynolds onto the oblivion bar podcast that sounds really good 68 00:06:36,860 --> 00:06:41,740 i like the sound of that book that sounds like a wicked book that's a book that i like potential 69 00:06:41,740 --> 00:06:48,300 potential eisner winner question mark down the road so who knows 70 00:06:51,660 --> 00:06:55,420 well thank you guys so much for being here we truly appreciate you coming on here uh christian of 71 00:06:55,420 --> 00:07:00,300 course this is your second time here on the oblivion bar podcast so welcome back i never left i was i 72 00:07:00,300 --> 00:07:07,180 was here the whole time you just stayed you're working the soundboard it's been really uncomfortable 73 00:07:07,180 --> 00:07:12,540 because i don't please just call me one please call me please go and again yeah patrick this is 74 00:07:12,540 --> 00:07:16,620 your first time here on the oblivion bar so please yeah welcome here and uh we're so happy to have 75 00:07:16,620 --> 00:07:22,460 you guys here we are such huge fans of bloodstained teeth we really do love it uh obviously we're 76 00:07:22,460 --> 00:07:27,580 we're fans of your guys individually but this this book is so great it's a holy original we're 77 00:07:27,580 --> 00:07:31,820 going to talk about it like in depth here so i want to kind of set the stage here for everybody 78 00:07:31,820 --> 00:07:35,420 here listening right now there are going to be spoilers for bloodstained teeth so if you have 79 00:07:35,420 --> 00:07:41,980 not read issue 10 which i think comes out next week guys march no it's the week after 29th i 80 00:07:41,980 --> 00:07:47,740 think it is 29th of march yeah so we're recording this on march 17th erin and i were lucky enough to 81 00:07:47,740 --> 00:07:53,580 read issue 10 already so go us uh we got it it's awesome it's a great conclusion but just for 82 00:07:53,580 --> 00:07:57,100 everyone listening and it's if it's okay with you guys i want to kind of check with patrick and 83 00:07:57,100 --> 00:08:01,740 christian here if you guys want to go full full spoilers we can do that if not totally fine what 84 00:08:01,740 --> 00:08:10,380 do you guys think go deep spoilers ahoy we're going deep all right here we go so once again 85 00:08:10,380 --> 00:08:14,700 bloodstained teeth is uh you guys's newest title through image comics and i want to kind of start 86 00:08:14,700 --> 00:08:19,100 with the conversation christian by asking you i'm going to butter you up as i always do every time 87 00:08:19,100 --> 00:08:23,180 you come here on the show i gotta just gotta lather you up and all those compliments and 88 00:08:23,180 --> 00:08:28,700 self you know the the compliments and all that it's not marjoram it's it's not i can't believe 89 00:08:28,700 --> 00:08:33,340 it's not butter it's the real it's the real churn stuff like it's really enough i can feel that 90 00:08:34,300 --> 00:08:37,020 and i can sense it yeah 91 00:08:39,580 --> 00:08:44,300 so you you're already known as you know probably one of the most skilled and unique artists in the 92 00:08:44,300 --> 00:08:49,500 medium and and patrick is also i'm going to butter him up a little bit as well an incredible talent 93 00:08:49,500 --> 00:08:53,980 one of the most incredible talents in the medium as well so my question for you christian is what is 94 00:08:53,980 --> 00:08:59,420 it specifically about patrick's art style that made you want to bring him on to this book i've 95 00:08:59,420 --> 00:09:05,180 got to be serious now i can't be i can't take the mickey uh well and it's funny because like 96 00:09:05,180 --> 00:09:12,860 originally i was going to draw this book and write it it was going to be you know all me uh all about 97 00:09:12,860 --> 00:09:19,580 me just the christian ward show and uh and and i thought about it for ages like that i'm going 98 00:09:19,580 --> 00:09:25,580 to draw this this is what it's going to look like and the more i divert the idea particularly over 99 00:09:25,580 --> 00:09:31,340 the pandemic because that's when it really started to kind of sort of solidify in my mind 100 00:09:32,300 --> 00:09:40,300 the more i realized to sort of tell the story the best possible way was to bring in all these real 101 00:09:40,300 --> 00:09:46,540 world elements because i always have this character atakus throne who was basically a vampire from 102 00:09:46,540 --> 00:09:52,700 money so the hook and the conceit was there but the kind of the wider world and the narrative and 103 00:09:52,700 --> 00:09:58,540 the story that he would go on wasn't and then the pandemic happened and i realized that there was 104 00:09:58,540 --> 00:10:03,900 this parallel between kind of billionaires that were we were seeing them in the news and you know 105 00:10:04,700 --> 00:10:11,260 bezos and and uh and musk you know doing all that their crap while the rest of us was like 106 00:10:11,260 --> 00:10:14,780 struggling and scared and and you know and everything that went with the pandemic that 107 00:10:14,780 --> 00:10:22,140 feels like a million years ago now and i realized that there was a parallel between billionaires 108 00:10:22,140 --> 00:10:29,020 and vampires and that you know the idea that a billionaire feeds off us and after working man 109 00:10:29,020 --> 00:10:35,980 to become a billionaire the same way a vampire feeds off us physically to sustain himself but 110 00:10:35,980 --> 00:10:41,980 then there's another thing that if you're immortal you kind of need to be a billionaire also so it 111 00:10:41,980 --> 00:10:49,580 just it just fit and once that final jigsaw fell into place i realized okay it needs to hold a 112 00:10:49,580 --> 00:10:57,900 mirror up to the world to really kind of like discuss that and and you know i i love my artwork 113 00:10:57,900 --> 00:11:05,900 and i'm very proud of my artwork but it my work's more about kind of it's more otherworldly even 114 00:11:05,900 --> 00:11:11,100 when i kind of like tell a story that's set within you know like head wounds it was set on earth and 115 00:11:11,100 --> 00:11:17,420 and i have done stories kind of set within our reality it's always off obscure and just a bit 116 00:11:17,420 --> 00:11:22,860 just not quite right and i didn't want that for this story i felt like it needed to feel 117 00:11:23,820 --> 00:11:31,580 almost as photorealistic as possible so that it was just like drilling home that that kind of point 118 00:11:32,140 --> 00:11:39,260 and um basically i done a i was doing a lot of covers for dark horse and i was asked to do a 119 00:11:39,260 --> 00:11:46,140 cover which never actually happened for uh mask that their new mask series that patrick was drawing 120 00:11:46,860 --> 00:11:53,260 and obviously they sent me i think the pdf of the first issue and it just it was just like ah it's 121 00:11:53,260 --> 00:11:59,580 him it's patrick he's the guy that's gonna do it and i reached out to patrick and he told me to sod 122 00:11:59,580 --> 00:12:09,420 off and i couldn't believe no i only worked who no no thank you then he ghosted me for months and i just basically just 123 00:12:09,420 --> 00:12:14,460 kept emailing him and i managed to obtain some really juicy photographs which he doesn't want 124 00:12:14,460 --> 00:12:22,060 to be shared um and that's how i got him yeah no but like and it was just i mean initially patrick 125 00:12:22,060 --> 00:12:27,260 couldn't do it because he had another project kind of on and then that kind of fell through 126 00:12:27,260 --> 00:12:33,420 uh and didn't kind of quite work out as often as projects often do and it just all kind of fell into 127 00:12:33,420 --> 00:12:41,740 place perfectly and that's the story of bloodstained teeth goodbye we're gonna get a copy of those 128 00:12:41,740 --> 00:12:47,580 photos we need a jpeg before we get out of here today but uh patrick i'd love to hear you kind of 129 00:12:47,580 --> 00:12:51,180 your perspective so when you were offered this job why did you think that this was something that you 130 00:12:51,180 --> 00:12:58,700 wanted to take on uh because it's christian war basically um when christian reached out to me uh 131 00:12:58,700 --> 00:13:05,740 you know via uh via twitter um my first thought was is he sure then does he have the right 132 00:13:05,740 --> 00:13:11,340 patrick rentals you know i because this is like like he said before his stuff is very much born of 133 00:13:11,340 --> 00:13:17,420 the cosmos right and my work is like a tom wait song come to life you know and the one legged 134 00:13:17,420 --> 00:13:23,820 vampire has to drink gasoline you know and i'm like i don't how these things like what you know 135 00:13:23,820 --> 00:13:28,380 how do uh how these things connect somehow and then he told me the story he's like so 136 00:13:28,940 --> 00:13:33,020 there's billionaires who run everything but they're all vampires i'm like oh so it's non-fiction 137 00:13:33,020 --> 00:13:40,220 that should be pretty easy like i can um but he's but he made sure to tell me like he really wants 138 00:13:40,220 --> 00:13:46,140 the characters to be indelible he really wants the characters to be something that people can 139 00:13:46,140 --> 00:13:51,580 relate to and have them be compelling even though they're vampires like there has to be like real 140 00:13:51,580 --> 00:13:57,420 motivations behind what they do and they have to sort of wear that on their face and so atticus 141 00:13:57,420 --> 00:14:03,340 slone is a person who thinks he's cool you know but and so he but but he's not cool he has to 142 00:14:03,340 --> 00:14:07,740 cosplay as a cool person that's why with the david bowie suits and he has to like surround himself 143 00:14:07,740 --> 00:14:13,100 with things to be cool he's sort of like you know the movie the talent of mr ribly how um 144 00:14:13,100 --> 00:14:18,460 matt damon's character has to pretend to be dicky greenleaf and uh but he's not you know and so he 145 00:14:18,460 --> 00:14:23,020 has to sort of furnish his house it's what he thinks dicky greenleaf would be like and it doesn't 146 00:14:23,020 --> 00:14:28,700 fit at all that's sort of how i approached atticus slone is like he wants to be cool so bad that he 147 00:14:28,700 --> 00:14:35,020 has to wear it on his sleeve but he's not you know and you know sort of using my own face as a model 148 00:14:35,020 --> 00:14:39,420 made it really easy because like and like you know adjust the facial expressions and that kind of 149 00:14:39,420 --> 00:14:43,980 thing and then i sort of after i got out at the slone figured out i could sort of use that as a 150 00:14:43,980 --> 00:14:49,500 baseline for everybody else but i also wanted to extend that to the environment also extend that 151 00:14:49,500 --> 00:14:55,660 to like the settings too because like um i love blade runner a lot but i also love david fincher 152 00:14:55,660 --> 00:15:00,700 movies and you know when you're watching a david fincher movie what who directed that movie and i 153 00:15:00,700 --> 00:15:07,260 wanted to like create a sense of place that was that impactful you know that was that meant that 154 00:15:07,260 --> 00:15:12,700 was that memorable and unique and so i when i was designing atticus's buildings or the added the 155 00:15:12,700 --> 00:15:17,340 buildings of like um i kept that in mind too i wanted these streets that have character i think 156 00:15:17,340 --> 00:15:21,900 you know light became a very important factor and so did textures i wanted people to feel like they 157 00:15:21,900 --> 00:15:26,780 were there you know they could actually have a conversation with the skyline if they wanted to 158 00:15:26,780 --> 00:15:31,900 you know so to speak um and so like i just dove right in um you know i i just jumped in i was 159 00:15:31,900 --> 00:15:37,340 like oh i could create a whole new world you know like the last um series i did before uh the mass 160 00:15:37,340 --> 00:15:41,500 was jill golem and i had to design a completely different world and i loved doing that because 161 00:15:41,500 --> 00:15:46,220 no one ever seen that world before and so i kind of took that approach to designing the world of 162 00:15:46,220 --> 00:15:50,220 bloodstained teeth you know and in christian was like okay you have to understand that there's a 163 00:15:50,220 --> 00:15:55,180 big brother aspect to everything out here too like the vampires are there they're there but they're 164 00:15:55,180 --> 00:15:59,820 not right there's like they're an unseen force that are sort of controlling everything so make 165 00:15:59,820 --> 00:16:06,060 sure that you remind people that every chance you get and so like the alleys are narrow there's all 166 00:16:06,060 --> 00:16:12,140 these wires hanging out to sort of show like traps a little bit you know and so the all of the um 167 00:16:12,140 --> 00:16:17,100 the environments are sort of oppressive even the ones in the past so yeah there's i wanted to make 168 00:16:17,100 --> 00:16:22,380 sure there was that sense of menace as well too we want to get in a little bit of spoiler territory 169 00:16:22,380 --> 00:16:26,220 so i have a very specific question here i want to ask both you gentlemen because again we have read 170 00:16:26,220 --> 00:16:31,020 issue 10 that does come out on the 29th of march so if you don't want to hear anything past issue 171 00:16:31,020 --> 00:16:37,180 10 stop it here okay or skip do the little skip thing on the podcasting app you know 45 to a 172 00:16:37,180 --> 00:16:43,660 minute here so after helping save the day with dr beveley and alx star we see Atticus make a rare 173 00:16:43,660 --> 00:16:48,140 selfless decision to basically head towards the roof and eventually take on mr tooth which i don't 174 00:16:48,140 --> 00:16:53,260 think he knows that he's up there at the time but he eventually is greeted by mr tooth which allows 175 00:16:53,260 --> 00:16:57,740 everyone in the hospital to eventually get away right in the end we see Atticus and joey hanging 176 00:16:57,740 --> 00:17:03,980 out kind of embracing the morning sun but you know and as that issue concludes it kind of left a 177 00:17:03,980 --> 00:17:10,220 little open-ended little little gentlemen yeah gentlemen are we going to see eventually a 178 00:17:10,220 --> 00:17:21,740 potential return to bloodstained teeth right well well that is the end of Atticus's story okay now 179 00:17:21,740 --> 00:17:28,220 whether he goes on after that whether there was a last minute ex machina that gets him out of that 180 00:17:28,220 --> 00:17:36,700 situation well i'll leave that up to you i know what i think um but i i can't be telling anymore 181 00:17:36,700 --> 00:17:43,260 but that's his story you know he's done his journey he's kind of like learned as much as 182 00:17:43,260 --> 00:17:48,060 he's going to learn we've learned as much as we're going to learn and really there's there's not 183 00:17:48,060 --> 00:17:56,700 really anything else to say what i will say is atticus like all the firstborns has been around 184 00:17:56,700 --> 00:18:04,140 for a long time so there may be story before when we meet him that we will touch on i mean i think 185 00:18:05,340 --> 00:18:12,460 me and patrick have no immediate plans to tell any more stories however i have at least two or 186 00:18:12,460 --> 00:18:18,700 three stories in mind for this universe with different characters and their interactions 187 00:18:18,700 --> 00:18:27,180 with the firstborn and some of those stories would definitely feature a familiar face but 188 00:18:27,180 --> 00:18:34,620 it wouldn't be his story yes i concur there is uh uh there the thing i liked about when i was 189 00:18:34,620 --> 00:18:40,220 doing issue 10 is i actually i actually did the last page first because i knew that that image had 190 00:18:40,220 --> 00:18:47,660 to i had to nail that image and i had to make sure that everything that came before that was 191 00:18:49,100 --> 00:18:54,300 what had a payoff that was worthy of our story and so i had to make sure even though it was 192 00:18:54,300 --> 00:18:59,580 just a splash panel i had to make sure that i had the light just right where the sun just peeks over 193 00:18:59,580 --> 00:19:05,500 the over this over the cityscape you know but also you know you see like just how atticus and joey 194 00:19:05,500 --> 00:19:11,340 are sitting you know how uh how they were reacting to the sun that's also important too you know uh 195 00:19:11,340 --> 00:19:14,220 if they're not they're just going if they're bracing themselves going i can't do it or they're 196 00:19:14,220 --> 00:19:19,420 just relaxed and resigned you know that makes a difference as well so i made sure i wanted to 197 00:19:19,420 --> 00:19:24,060 make sure that that all summed up on that last image right there but the cool thing about issue 198 00:19:24,060 --> 00:19:31,580 10 is it introduces these little little um hints at atticus's backstory like there's a page that 199 00:19:31,580 --> 00:19:39,020 took me a while like that has panels of atticus going through different time periods and i tried 200 00:19:39,020 --> 00:19:43,820 to make sure like i had just watched the new interview with the vampire series too and so i 201 00:19:43,820 --> 00:19:47,660 kind of like uh took that as a little bit of inspiration with some of the panels going like 202 00:19:47,660 --> 00:19:51,500 okay of course have costuming that kind of thing was important too but like you know there's a 203 00:19:51,500 --> 00:19:56,060 reason there's a there's a way the actors and that show carry themselves when they know they're 204 00:19:56,060 --> 00:20:00,700 going to live forever you know there's a sense of malaise and boredom you know and i wanted an 205 00:20:00,700 --> 00:20:05,260 atticus is pretty you know he usually has his glasses on but i wanted to make sure that atticus 206 00:20:05,260 --> 00:20:11,820 is just you know this is just more monotony but if anything if anything uh let's say tita's taught 207 00:20:11,820 --> 00:20:15,820 us even though like things aren't happening at the time things did happen in the past that were 208 00:20:15,820 --> 00:20:21,500 pretty important you know and so i i like the idea that like this sort of hints at what could be 209 00:20:22,140 --> 00:20:26,780 and there's also new characters um too that are reduced and they also could have their stories 210 00:20:26,780 --> 00:20:31,500 all by themselves have nothing to do with atticus too which would fit the story really well and so 211 00:20:31,500 --> 00:20:35,740 i think the beauty of it is it's like it can also it can take an end here but it can also be like 212 00:20:35,740 --> 00:20:40,860 you know an onion where you can keep peeling away at it yeah i i think that that's awesome and i 213 00:20:40,860 --> 00:20:45,500 i agree with you guys 100 percent there's definitely much more to dive into if you guys want to uh i 214 00:20:45,500 --> 00:20:50,060 think uh i could probably speak for anyone who's already read the issue once or listen to this that 215 00:20:50,060 --> 00:20:56,620 uh bevrly has a lot to explore with her character she's clearly one of the most interesting parts of 216 00:20:56,620 --> 00:21:01,180 the series and uh someone you can actually root for whether you like atticus throughout the series 217 00:21:01,180 --> 00:21:05,020 or not i think we can all agree that bevrly is someone that you can actually root for and go hey 218 00:21:05,020 --> 00:21:10,540 listen i want her to succeed in what she's doing you know yeah yeah i mean and that was kind of i 219 00:21:10,540 --> 00:21:15,420 mean that really was the crux of the whole story you know it was and even though she's not in it 220 00:21:15,420 --> 00:21:21,260 as much as i mean obviously atticus is in every issue even her issue he's still in it like for 221 00:21:21,260 --> 00:21:31,420 one page it was it's as much her story as it is his even though you know page count you would think 222 00:21:31,420 --> 00:21:36,700 it was it was it wasn't an equal distribution you know it was really important that she was the other 223 00:21:36,700 --> 00:21:43,420 side of the coin and i like the idea that um you know we all influence each other and we're all 224 00:21:43,420 --> 00:21:52,780 influenced by our world and my my kind of thought with bevrly is that she's very much an unstoppable 225 00:21:52,780 --> 00:21:59,260 force for good like she just good good good even before you know her daughter becomes sick you 226 00:21:59,260 --> 00:22:04,460 know she's won these awards for being a you know a really caring doctor and we and we we tell you 227 00:22:04,460 --> 00:22:12,140 that right from the first issue and i like the idea that like joey she has this weird influence 228 00:22:12,140 --> 00:22:23,580 on atticus and you know it's he's all the way through the book he never mentions her as as a 229 00:22:23,580 --> 00:22:30,940 sip to hunt and i like the idea that that perhaps he would have done eventually he would have his 230 00:22:30,940 --> 00:22:37,500 hands would have been forced but he was certainly leaving her to last and and i always like that i 231 00:22:37,500 --> 00:22:48,140 did that that she was able to kind of like crack through his kind of exterior uh and and the pain 232 00:22:48,140 --> 00:22:55,580 that he has from his own history to sort of like get through to that little seed of of humanity that 233 00:22:55,580 --> 00:23:02,060 he kind of carries in him and so it was it was you saying that you know you rooted for that's 234 00:23:02,060 --> 00:23:08,220 that's incredibly gratifying to me because that's that's what we wanted we did another podcast a 235 00:23:08,220 --> 00:23:13,900 while ago and the host asked us who was our favorite character and um and i think christian 236 00:23:13,900 --> 00:23:18,460 you said did you say atticus was your favorite character i can't remember probably you said 237 00:23:18,460 --> 00:23:23,980 that yeah let's uh let's uh i said atticus and i i said joey was my favorite character because 238 00:23:23,980 --> 00:23:28,860 i thought that he sort of was the jiminy cricket of the whole series where he's like if there's 239 00:23:28,860 --> 00:23:33,980 anything good about atticus you know it's represented by joey and then it's really 240 00:23:33,980 --> 00:23:39,420 poignant how christian wrote it because he leaves in the middle of issue eight and atticus feels 241 00:23:39,420 --> 00:23:44,620 that he's like okay we're uh even though he complains he's like get away goes get away like 242 00:23:44,620 --> 00:23:49,900 when he's not there you can definitely feel it and so when he comes back in issue 10 you know 243 00:23:49,900 --> 00:23:55,580 that makes that much more of an impact like and yeah i i was outside building a fence today i was 244 00:23:55,580 --> 00:24:00,860 like man i wish my dad were here to help me and you know just that absence of somebody who you 245 00:24:00,860 --> 00:24:06,620 depend on whether or not you're grateful for it or not is such an important thing you know and i 246 00:24:06,620 --> 00:24:11,100 was like you know i really want me i want to make sure that people feel like joey's absence as well 247 00:24:11,100 --> 00:24:17,580 as well as his presence um you know and then of course beaverly has so many other so many more 248 00:24:17,580 --> 00:24:23,740 miles to go with with her with her story too and like as i drew her i was like man i really i want 249 00:24:23,740 --> 00:24:31,820 to i want to keep drawing this character you know um but who knows one day so a question for you 250 00:24:31,820 --> 00:24:37,820 patrick um and we know you've worked with writers like mike mcnola the mcnola verse titles uh joe 251 00:24:37,820 --> 00:24:43,820 golem uh one of my favorites aliens fire and stone with chris robinson the mask with christopher 252 00:24:43,820 --> 00:24:49,020 cantwell and of course bloodstained teeth with you know christian ward here um since it's the 253 00:24:49,020 --> 00:24:55,420 question it's the question why is christian your favorite carry on kind of kind of the question 254 00:24:55,420 --> 00:25:02,700 it might be cannot do the the conu this um since christian is an artist himself how how was it 255 00:25:02,700 --> 00:25:08,300 working with him on this series um and how did it differ kind of working from from other or with 256 00:25:08,300 --> 00:25:13,900 with other writers uh because he is an artist i was first of all i was like i was a little bit 257 00:25:13,900 --> 00:25:20,140 more nervous at first i was like okay so he he knows uh he knows how to do both both things but 258 00:25:20,140 --> 00:25:25,340 so like i i really thought that like man i um most of the time i only have to like you know 259 00:25:25,340 --> 00:25:30,700 have things make sense for a writer and an editor and and but not but not also an artist you know 260 00:25:30,700 --> 00:25:34,780 mike mcnola being the exception of course and so i was really super nervous i'm like okay so not 261 00:25:34,780 --> 00:25:39,420 only am i trying to like you know uh sure that i can tell a story but i'm trying to show christian 262 00:25:39,420 --> 00:25:47,260 ward that i can draw so but uh thankfully that was never really an issue uh he really didn't give me 263 00:25:47,260 --> 00:25:51,340 a whole lot of notes uh a couple here and there but it was sort of it was it was super minor i 264 00:25:51,340 --> 00:25:56,220 was actually kind of surprised because i i think and christian you can answer this better like he 265 00:25:56,220 --> 00:26:01,900 just sort of knew like you know just sort of wind him up and let him go you know like you just sort 266 00:26:01,900 --> 00:26:05,980 of like let people do their thing and if something is really kind of not working then we'll let you 267 00:26:05,980 --> 00:26:11,500 know but like in the end like we were looking for something that became bigger than some of its parts 268 00:26:11,500 --> 00:26:15,180 you know and so i know that even though i may really like a page or have a really good idea 269 00:26:15,180 --> 00:26:19,100 i know that it's only going to be a part of a bigger thing and so like i kept that in mind as 270 00:26:19,100 --> 00:26:23,900 well i try not to be too precious about that but the important thing is is that because christian 271 00:26:23,900 --> 00:26:27,740 is an artist because he knows what it's like to work as an artist for years he was like you need 272 00:26:27,740 --> 00:26:33,340 to work more efficiently let me show you and and here's how you can be an artist and not kill 273 00:26:33,340 --> 00:26:38,380 yourself every day and so actually i started switching to digital on his urging but also my 274 00:26:38,380 --> 00:26:43,500 girlfriend of course because she likes being near me and like actually actually like being in a 275 00:26:43,500 --> 00:26:47,740 relationship with me and so like i figured i need to figure out a way to make sure that i can still 276 00:26:47,740 --> 00:26:53,740 be a person while making comics and uh christian is always super good about keeping that in mind 277 00:26:53,740 --> 00:26:59,500 he's like you know we're artists of course but also your person and you cannot keep doing this 278 00:26:59,500 --> 00:27:05,260 forever like um in 2013 i put myself in the emergency room just because i was working 279 00:27:05,260 --> 00:27:10,540 so many hours and um it's just i have an illustrator's mentality where it's like it 280 00:27:10,540 --> 00:27:14,700 has to be a certain way you know and i have to detail the hell out of it you know and i have to 281 00:27:14,700 --> 00:27:18,780 show people what i'm capable of and now i'm at the point where like i don't necessarily need to do 282 00:27:18,780 --> 00:27:22,540 that anymore i need i have to focus more on self-preservation and i really think that christian 283 00:27:22,540 --> 00:27:27,020 helped me out with that and and keeping him and keeping that stuff in mind as well like you know 284 00:27:27,020 --> 00:27:33,420 um he he worked with me with the schedule he told me uh told me about like what i should be expecting 285 00:27:33,420 --> 00:27:41,020 of myself but also he um gave me this awesome copy of pulp that's upside down by uh Sean 286 00:27:41,020 --> 00:27:46,540 oh i love pulp yeah so good and what it has inside of it is it has like the whole making of breakdown 287 00:27:46,540 --> 00:27:50,860 of it and Sean Phillips talks about how he didn't spend 30 years getting better he spent 30 years 288 00:27:50,860 --> 00:27:56,300 getting faster and he talked about his process and i'm like this is very interesting and so i've been 289 00:27:56,300 --> 00:28:01,820 studying this like a bible trying to figure out ways to make my work more efficient and i have 290 00:28:01,820 --> 00:28:07,980 christian to thank for that so yes it had that's awesome pretty severe impact this series did your 291 00:28:07,980 --> 00:28:13,420 style is like is i don't know it's hard to kind of describe it's like this neo pulpy like 292 00:28:13,420 --> 00:28:18,700 realistics but it's also like it's it's unlike anyone else's in the medium where does that come 293 00:28:18,700 --> 00:28:24,700 from and is there like any kind of specific inspiration behind that so many inspirations i 294 00:28:24,700 --> 00:28:30,220 mean a lot of it comes from just making mistakes and figuring out what not to do ever again but 295 00:28:30,220 --> 00:28:35,100 you know of course i looked at you know jayson shan alexander's work mike maniola of course um 296 00:28:35,100 --> 00:28:44,300 and john paul leone uh before he passed away um and uh but also like um michael lark um and uh but 297 00:28:44,300 --> 00:28:52,140 also uh uh andrea sorentino um who all they seem to have like a way of doing what i want to do but 298 00:28:52,140 --> 00:28:58,300 doing it faster and better so i'm trying to like look at a way to like okay can i still like 299 00:28:58,300 --> 00:29:03,420 streamline this but still have that thing where it looks like it's um you know there's a humanity 300 00:29:03,420 --> 00:29:09,100 to it you know and um and so i but what i have been looking at of course uh i'll also look at 301 00:29:09,100 --> 00:29:14,700 laurence campbell quite a bit who is also a manuel artist as well but also artists who aren't like me 302 00:29:14,700 --> 00:29:20,540 at all like scotty young even like even like joelle jones like there's an economy to what she does 303 00:29:20,540 --> 00:29:25,500 but there's also a rhythm and an energy to what she does as well and so like even though that our 304 00:29:25,500 --> 00:29:29,740 works are like you know polar opposites you know there's there's a way to learn from everybody but 305 00:29:29,740 --> 00:29:36,460 i would definitely say that the person i learned learned the most uh was probably probably mike 306 00:29:36,460 --> 00:29:41,260 maniola jayson shan alexander because like i saw like they were trying to do things i wanted to do 307 00:29:41,980 --> 00:29:48,860 and yeah uh i would say that but also i i also i watch a lot of movies and like a lot of a lot 308 00:29:48,860 --> 00:29:55,100 of coham brothers movies a lot of movies uh um uh filmed by roger deacons just because i like 309 00:29:55,100 --> 00:30:00,460 his storytelling and i like the way he did no country for old men and um but the of course 310 00:30:00,460 --> 00:30:05,660 david fincher as well because like i love the way his movies tell stories without with light and 311 00:30:05,660 --> 00:30:12,780 with dark and with um uh shot composition so like yeah i i also read a look at a lot of tv series 312 00:30:12,780 --> 00:30:19,580 even breaking bad and better call sol have really well filmed uh sequences that are essential to 313 00:30:19,580 --> 00:30:25,900 storytelling and so like i yeah uh i would say probably david fincher and also roger deacons 314 00:30:25,900 --> 00:30:31,340 as well even though they're not comic book artists at all so yeah i mean i'm a fan of most of if not 315 00:30:31,340 --> 00:30:36,220 all of those artists but i feel like and i and i see the inspiration for sure but your style is 316 00:30:36,220 --> 00:30:42,540 so of its own and it is very cinematic as well which i love this book it feels like it's almost 317 00:30:42,540 --> 00:30:45,260 and i'm again i'm not just saying this because you guys are here right in front of us but it 318 00:30:45,260 --> 00:30:51,500 feels like an almost automatic like option this amc and put this on television tomorrow like it 319 00:30:51,500 --> 00:30:56,140 just feels like it needs to be like something like not that every comic should be optioned into 320 00:30:56,140 --> 00:31:00,540 another medium but like this feels this feels like an easy transition do you guys see that as 321 00:31:00,540 --> 00:31:05,260 well or not really so much you do i mean i i think you have to be very careful kind of as a comic 322 00:31:05,260 --> 00:31:11,020 book creator that you don't kind of set out to create a comic with that goal because i think 323 00:31:11,020 --> 00:31:16,540 you can kind of you know we've all read comics that feel like oh this is a treatment rather than 324 00:31:16,540 --> 00:31:23,820 the comic so it's definitely designed to be a comic and if it was a tv show or film my thoughts is 325 00:31:23,820 --> 00:31:29,580 it would be structurally very very different and it would be a kind of different thing but um oh 326 00:31:29,580 --> 00:31:36,860 100 100 i think it'd be um i'd love to see aticus like you know do you know what i mean does actually 327 00:31:36,860 --> 00:31:43,020 see him as a real person i mean he'd be delicious be amazing yeah anybody you could see him playing 328 00:31:43,020 --> 00:31:48,140 absolutely oh yeah but i don't think i yeah i mean fantastic i think i always see i think 329 00:31:48,140 --> 00:31:52,620 there you go full fan casting because i think kind of like you know if there's somebody out there who's 330 00:31:52,620 --> 00:31:56,380 just like let's say there's an actor out there who's just like i really want to play this character 331 00:31:56,380 --> 00:32:00,380 and then i say oh i think this character this actor would be brilliant for this person do you 332 00:32:00,380 --> 00:32:06,300 know i mean it could almost i mean it's definitely a few people but i'd be like i know who i would 333 00:32:06,300 --> 00:32:14,940 cast as aticus um but i could also see a lot lots of other people kind of you know bring it in to 334 00:32:14,940 --> 00:32:23,340 sort of like i mean my my friend oscar for one i think would make uh oscar isaac i think would make 335 00:32:23,340 --> 00:32:30,300 um i think he'd be brilliant you know um as uh as i guess i mean i think kind of like whoever 336 00:32:30,300 --> 00:32:36,140 would play him it's not necessarily about how they would look it's just about having that 337 00:32:37,500 --> 00:32:42,060 lovable bastard quality do you know i mean it would need to be somebody who could really just like 338 00:32:42,860 --> 00:32:47,900 you know really not give a shit they really have to be able to not give a shit and i think that 339 00:32:47,900 --> 00:32:53,420 would be quite a you know an actor's got to be quite confident to be that unlikable really 340 00:32:53,420 --> 00:32:57,820 yeah yeah we we've all had those friends too that have always been that have been like kind of the 341 00:32:57,820 --> 00:33:04,700 troublemaker someone who has um often let you down in most situations but you still root for them 342 00:33:04,700 --> 00:33:09,420 because you know there's something good in them there's something in there that you know it yeah 343 00:33:09,420 --> 00:33:13,500 it's the potential of them just getting and you want to be there for that to like see them get 344 00:33:13,500 --> 00:33:18,140 over the hump and it's you know again to kind of talk about issue 10 we see that i mean i think 345 00:33:18,140 --> 00:33:22,620 we see a version of that with aticus with him going up to the roof and taking on mr tooth he 346 00:33:22,620 --> 00:33:28,220 he got over the hump of being a bastard too i mean he's probably still a bastard but he did something 347 00:33:28,220 --> 00:33:33,980 good for a change revival story you know a good yeah redemption redemption story arc 348 00:33:35,180 --> 00:33:39,340 well that's what makes characters compelling is when they have to make choices and they have and 349 00:33:39,340 --> 00:33:43,980 they stand to lose lose things by making them or not making them right i mean like when characters 350 00:33:43,980 --> 00:33:49,020 change that's when they become like interesting relatable you know um yeah very relatable yeah 351 00:33:49,020 --> 00:33:54,300 very human i think that's one thing i saw when i was reading this was i saw for lack of a better 352 00:33:54,300 --> 00:34:01,340 word the the humanity in in these characters and i think that you're writing christian along with 353 00:34:01,340 --> 00:34:07,660 your art patrick like i don't know it's really like the the dynamic the dynamic storytelling 354 00:34:07,660 --> 00:34:16,060 along with the dynamic use of colors really yeah really amplified the emotion in some of these 355 00:34:16,060 --> 00:34:20,060 scenes and that's something that that i didn't even realize that i was paying attention to until 356 00:34:20,060 --> 00:34:25,020 after i went back and was kind of looking at some of the earlier panels um just there's this one 357 00:34:25,020 --> 00:34:30,780 particular i want to say it was uh issue six where you know we're just looking at this character's 358 00:34:30,780 --> 00:34:35,180 face and it's everything's kind of black and white the background is blue and then his teeth are kind 359 00:34:35,180 --> 00:34:39,180 of like a yellow with a little bit of red in there of the mouth and it's just it's just really 360 00:34:39,180 --> 00:34:45,500 focusing on what makes him a vampire and that he stands out from this world and i and i just again 361 00:34:45,500 --> 00:34:52,940 the whole formula together was was was phenomenal so so so kudos to all of you thank you thank you 362 00:34:52,940 --> 00:34:57,900 yeah we it was sort of like uh now i know why certain bands work really well together like the 363 00:34:57,900 --> 00:35:02,860 who or even Fleetwood Mac you know not to say that we were dysfunctional in that way but like um you 364 00:35:02,860 --> 00:35:07,020 get to understand like if you take somebody out of that band you know it would be a completely 365 00:35:07,020 --> 00:35:11,420 different band it would music would be totally different you know um but like my favorite band 366 00:35:11,420 --> 00:35:15,500 is Pearl Jam you know and they've had the same members for decades and you can tell you know 367 00:35:15,500 --> 00:35:19,260 that they actually they play off each other really well you know they let each other do their thing 368 00:35:19,260 --> 00:35:23,020 and then they come back but like what the music they make together is theirs you know it's 369 00:35:23,020 --> 00:35:28,940 definitely theirs it's not just music it's their music you know and i i love thinking about comic 370 00:35:28,940 --> 00:35:33,260 books that way you know thinking about like it's a group thing that becomes a bigger thing than 371 00:35:33,260 --> 00:35:38,460 the individual members so yeah yeah storytelling in general is a collaborative effort you know you 372 00:35:38,460 --> 00:35:41,980 have a writer you have an artist you have a color you have an anchor you have all these different 373 00:35:41,980 --> 00:35:47,500 parts but it it is like you know as someone who i'm not telling i don't have to tell you guys this 374 00:35:47,500 --> 00:35:51,740 you obviously know this i'm telling for the listeners this is you know obviously Patrick 375 00:35:51,740 --> 00:35:55,980 has had some influence in terms of how the story goes Christian i'm sure not only because of his 376 00:35:55,980 --> 00:36:01,020 background as an artist but also as the writer has said hey listen let's let's see this a certain 377 00:36:01,020 --> 00:36:05,420 way i'm sure you know Heather i'm sure Heather's even had some input here and there as well so 378 00:36:05,420 --> 00:36:09,820 um it's what it's one of those very rare mediums where everyone has a piece of the pie 379 00:36:09,820 --> 00:36:15,020 when it comes to telling us you know a really compelling story yeah definitely uh so Christian 380 00:36:15,020 --> 00:36:19,740 i wanted to pick your brain on a little thing okay it's not a big deal you know honestly i don't even 381 00:36:19,740 --> 00:36:23,420 really care i don't think Aaron really cares it's not we we probably shouldn't even bring it up 382 00:36:23,900 --> 00:36:31,820 uh but we recently announced that we have a variant cover oh yes through through whatnot 383 00:36:31,820 --> 00:36:37,740 uh it's for a you know a series through image comics called Phantom Road oh with the writer Jeff 384 00:36:37,740 --> 00:36:43,980 Lemire yeah and i think i've heard of him Gabriel Walter as well you know yeah of course and i'm 385 00:36:43,980 --> 00:36:47,420 gonna you know obviously the listeners can't see this but i'm gonna hold it up to the camera just 386 00:36:47,420 --> 00:36:52,220 for you know just for the layman but Christian we reached out to you and said hey listen we have this 387 00:36:52,220 --> 00:36:57,740 idea you know or just whatnot came to us what's that or i just said gorgeous cover yeah yeah it's 388 00:36:57,740 --> 00:37:03,260 i mean it's incredible and when whatnot came to us for this cover they said you know pick your 389 00:37:03,260 --> 00:37:07,980 artist and we'll reach out to them you know all that good stuff and you obviously were one of the 390 00:37:07,980 --> 00:37:11,980 first people that came to mind and i actually i just messaged you and i was like hey what do 391 00:37:11,980 --> 00:37:17,420 you think and you're like yeah well let's do it all right which is both unsurprising and also very 392 00:37:17,420 --> 00:37:23,980 very incredible so first of all thank you so much for doing this it's i'm gonna i'm gonna tell you 393 00:37:23,980 --> 00:37:30,380 and i feel like we we talk enough to for me to say that we're friends i hope i can say that and 394 00:37:30,380 --> 00:37:33,740 every time that i see you i feel like i'm gonna have to thank you at least once for doing this 395 00:37:33,740 --> 00:37:38,300 because it really it really does and if you look on the back here as well bam what do you see there's 396 00:37:38,300 --> 00:37:44,460 a little uh oblivion bar logo so you know that's really it really just sends at home so yeah as i 397 00:37:44,460 --> 00:37:48,220 as if you go back to listen to our first conversation with Christian it's not going to be me just uh 398 00:37:48,220 --> 00:37:55,100 buttering up the whole time i want to actually ask you a question here which is the question 399 00:37:55,100 --> 00:37:58,860 let's get back to the question what was the process like for you in terms of creating this 400 00:37:58,860 --> 00:38:03,100 obviously we know what it was like it was basically just us talking to whatnot trying to figure out 401 00:38:03,100 --> 00:38:07,660 what series what artist all the stuff for you who actually did all the heavy lifting and created the 402 00:38:07,660 --> 00:38:12,780 cover what was it like for you did you have any input from jeff any any input from gabriel what 403 00:38:12,780 --> 00:38:19,660 was it like no not really at all i mean i for me covers are really instinctive um i love doing 404 00:38:19,660 --> 00:38:25,660 covers and it's why i do a lot of them um and i can knock a cover out in a day i can see patrick 405 00:38:25,660 --> 00:38:31,020 over there shuddering at the thought of doing a cover in a day um and it's it's weird because like 406 00:38:31,020 --> 00:38:40,380 i think 2015 oh my god um i mean i think kind of once once i've kind of like you know i've read 407 00:38:40,380 --> 00:38:45,980 the kind of the comic i was very lucky that i got an early pdf of issue one of phantom road and uh 408 00:38:45,980 --> 00:38:52,140 and i've worked with with um and i think i've done variants for all of jeff's crasher own books for 409 00:38:52,140 --> 00:39:01,100 the last seven years i've done pretty much all of them and so like we we don't really work together 410 00:39:01,100 --> 00:39:07,980 he just sends me the the pdf and just get on with it sort of thing that that that works for me and 411 00:39:07,980 --> 00:39:13,820 i just make the dang cover let's go um stop emailing christian no i will not work with you 412 00:39:16,540 --> 00:39:23,820 so and so i know i just you know it's weird like i don't know how patch how it works with patrick 413 00:39:23,820 --> 00:39:28,940 and i know this isn't the case with a lot of other artists because it's something i've spoken about 414 00:39:28,940 --> 00:39:35,100 with other artists but when i when i'm doing a cover or any or a comic page but specifically a 415 00:39:35,100 --> 00:39:41,660 cover is it's it's where this kind of presents itself most clearly i will just see an image 416 00:39:42,220 --> 00:39:47,660 and it will be like in my head and i'll be like okay that's the image or in this case there might 417 00:39:47,660 --> 00:39:52,780 be like two or three images and then i'll just sketch those images down and send it to you know 418 00:39:52,780 --> 00:39:59,260 you guys or the editor or the writers or the artists whoever i'm dealing with and then choose 419 00:39:59,260 --> 00:40:05,260 the favorite and then and i just do it i mean so with this one there was the two that i really liked 420 00:40:05,260 --> 00:40:11,340 um but actually even though i was a bit disappointed that the guys went with this one 421 00:40:11,340 --> 00:40:15,980 i actually think in it we were yeah but i think in the end initially yeah and i think kind of like 422 00:40:15,980 --> 00:40:21,660 you know it was the perfect cover like i'm really really happy with kind of how it came out and 423 00:40:22,540 --> 00:40:27,020 it's where you just you just have a little snapshot and then the whole you just basically 424 00:40:27,020 --> 00:40:32,300 spew i always feel a bit like that was that quote from michael angelo where he kind of like he 425 00:40:32,300 --> 00:40:39,740 doesn't sculpt the um the the statues he just takes the stone away and the statue is he's inside 426 00:40:39,740 --> 00:40:44,620 the stone so it's i kind of feel a little bit like that like it's already there and i'm just kind of 427 00:40:45,100 --> 00:40:50,620 moving towards it it's inevitable that it will exist uh i don't know quite how it will exist 428 00:40:50,620 --> 00:40:55,100 but i know that's what it's going to be so it's all it's all very it sounds really spiritual but 429 00:40:55,100 --> 00:41:01,100 it's not it's just lazy i just do i just go done i think i think steven king said something similar 430 00:41:01,100 --> 00:41:06,220 he was saying that he doesn't actually create the stories there's this universe out there and all 431 00:41:06,220 --> 00:41:13,100 the stories are just like he is kind of the um just the app conduit yeah so it's just like the 432 00:41:13,100 --> 00:41:18,940 stories are flowing from him and he just tells that so i love that i know chris and i we got 433 00:41:18,940 --> 00:41:25,100 we got together and we were talking about the comic the same the cover the same exact way we were like 434 00:41:25,100 --> 00:41:29,580 originally we were like really liking the other one and then this is the one that was chosen and 435 00:41:29,580 --> 00:41:34,620 as soon as we saw it like come to fruition and and and what the final product was we were like oh 436 00:41:34,620 --> 00:41:39,980 yeah this is the this was the right choice very very much so and uh you know even if it is a 437 00:41:39,980 --> 00:41:45,580 shuddering experience patrick i am very excited to see you covers that you come up with you know 438 00:41:45,580 --> 00:41:50,940 going forward like now that i we've met and i've seen your work i'm i'm super excited uh to see 439 00:41:50,940 --> 00:41:56,700 what you come up with as well chris can tell you i'm an i'm a rather new comic book fan i'm new 440 00:41:56,700 --> 00:42:03,740 into the industry uh and i collect mostly just for art that i that i love and so uh i like i'm 441 00:42:03,740 --> 00:42:08,940 saying uh christian this is going to be one that i definitely get graded and and and put up on the 442 00:42:08,940 --> 00:42:13,180 wall and patrick with your art style i'm going to be doing the same thing so so i really look 443 00:42:13,180 --> 00:42:21,980 forward to it as well my my schedule my schedule is cleared up a bit so uh um uh yeah so i i would 444 00:42:21,980 --> 00:42:25,980 that would be awesome i would love more opportunities to do things like that you know my process a 445 00:42:25,980 --> 00:42:32,940 little more labor than christians more labor than anybody else i think so um but yeah it's um i 446 00:42:32,940 --> 00:42:37,180 tend to like you know i'm really into like tactile things like i want to feel stuff and i want to 447 00:42:37,180 --> 00:42:41,580 like put down washes and i want to put down mediums and stuff like that and just sort of play around 448 00:42:41,580 --> 00:42:46,620 with stuff and then but yeah so um but i feel what christian saying is like i i've learned never to 449 00:42:46,620 --> 00:42:52,140 like hand in ideas that you don't want people to use because they will usually pick them so 450 00:42:52,700 --> 00:42:57,260 get her off like using a couple of ideas that you feel really really good about and it's a similar 451 00:42:57,260 --> 00:43:01,180 thing to what christian said like yeah i have an image in my head of what i want and then like 452 00:43:01,180 --> 00:43:06,220 michael angelo like his there his pieces are literally called bound captive or bound slate 453 00:43:06,220 --> 00:43:10,940 he would say that he frees the subject from the stone that's how we you know and that's sort of 454 00:43:10,940 --> 00:43:14,940 i think that's a really apt analogy too it's like you're you're having it you have some idea but you 455 00:43:14,940 --> 00:43:19,180 sort of what it never ends up being like what you exactly thought it would be anyway you know and 456 00:43:19,180 --> 00:43:23,020 that's part of the beauty of it is that when you have the big marble piece in in front of you or 457 00:43:23,020 --> 00:43:27,900 in front of him and he'd just be walking around kind of looking at the angles and just like time 458 00:43:27,900 --> 00:43:33,980 to work love that idea yeah yeah and it's amazing like then you know two or three days go by and 459 00:43:33,980 --> 00:43:39,420 you're like i'm still working on this and my dog needs to be fed and you you need to be fed too 460 00:43:39,420 --> 00:43:44,620 don't forget still working on that um as you can probably tell i'm working on getting more vitamin 461 00:43:46,060 --> 00:43:52,620 and fiber at all so um yeah exactly but that's exactly right yeah we see the labor intensity in 462 00:43:52,620 --> 00:43:57,420 in your work honestly patrick like a lot of the work that you put in the art style it the style 463 00:43:57,420 --> 00:44:02,540 that you have could not be done quickly or at least not as quickly as some people right like 464 00:44:02,540 --> 00:44:07,660 you're you're obviously like you said working on making it quicker but your style and what makes 465 00:44:07,660 --> 00:44:14,220 it so incredible is how realistic and how detailed it is you know so thank you i'm lucky i have like 466 00:44:14,220 --> 00:44:17,740 christian but also my girlfriend who is also an artist she actually just did the color design 467 00:44:17,740 --> 00:44:23,820 for the panokia movie that just won an oscar oh nice she did the color design for that movie 468 00:44:23,820 --> 00:44:28,380 and and um among other things so she works digitally too so she's she actually is helping 469 00:44:28,380 --> 00:44:32,940 me out with procreating that kind of thing too and it's like saying you can reuse stuff you know i'm 470 00:44:32,940 --> 00:44:39,100 like what she's like yeah you can use things that's no one no one cares reuse stuff especially still 471 00:44:39,100 --> 00:44:44,780 on me so anyway yeah it's it's been a journey to say the least slap a coat of paint on there and 472 00:44:44,780 --> 00:44:49,340 call it a day call it a new cover yeah i want to say this is one of my favorite panels this is the 473 00:44:49,340 --> 00:44:57,100 it was issue six um in front of the incinerator oh yeah yeah yeah that was just such a panel for i 474 00:44:57,100 --> 00:45:02,220 don't know why it was just like right before he meets the doctor the one panel where she did that 475 00:45:02,220 --> 00:45:07,740 shadow cuts across his face and his face and then laying up so that was like man i wish i'd done 476 00:45:07,740 --> 00:45:13,980 that somewhere when i looked at that that was all mac shader right so yeah that was that was mac 477 00:45:13,980 --> 00:45:23,900 chatter's cover uh issue yeah he was our guest issue for for um for um beveley's um issue one 478 00:45:23,900 --> 00:45:31,260 shot story yeah uh but i was like damn why didn't i do that issue six was him and then uh christian 479 00:45:31,260 --> 00:45:37,020 you did one as well wasn't it was issue four but i did yeah so i did 20 pages and then we bookended 480 00:45:37,020 --> 00:45:42,140 it with patrick so patrick did the first five i think and then the last four and then i did 20 481 00:45:42,140 --> 00:45:47,260 in the middle yeah those are the first yeah the first five just like like the first one just drew 482 00:45:47,260 --> 00:45:54,060 you in pardon the pun and i don't know like again patrick i'm just i'm you're you're i think that's 483 00:45:54,060 --> 00:45:58,300 um there's a couple artists we've had on the on the show was like philip kennedy johnson and 484 00:45:58,300 --> 00:46:05,820 daniel warren johnson their styles are so like kinetic and and and busy and yours is just so 485 00:46:05,820 --> 00:46:10,780 philip is a writer erin oh i'm sorry well it's then it was daniel warren john daniel daniel 486 00:46:10,780 --> 00:46:15,260 warren johnson yeah yeah sorry uh again i'm still new at all this so i'm still like learning like 487 00:46:15,260 --> 00:46:20,380 how to how to decipher just pick a three name johnson and you probably got it right but yeah 488 00:46:20,380 --> 00:46:28,380 i just three name johnson that sounds like i will shut up now but yeah 489 00:46:34,460 --> 00:46:38,300 before we start getting into some johnson talk gentlemen i think that'll probably do it for our 490 00:46:38,300 --> 00:46:43,420 conversation here today for episode 112 uh it has been absolutely incredible sitting here talking 491 00:46:43,420 --> 00:46:48,540 to you gentlemen about bloodstained teeth and just your processes and just your careers in general 492 00:46:48,540 --> 00:46:53,340 um very very excited to see what you guys continue to do obviously uh you're more than welcome to 493 00:46:53,340 --> 00:46:57,660 come back on at any point when you have a new project christian i know that you'll you'll have 494 00:46:57,660 --> 00:47:01,980 me in your dms constantly i'll just be here i'm not leaving i'll just be here yeah you're just 495 00:47:01,980 --> 00:47:05,820 gonna stick around uh and then patrick when you eventually follow us back on twitter we will 496 00:47:05,820 --> 00:47:10,940 we'll we'll uh bother you in your dms too if you want yeah it's totally up to you i feel like such 497 00:47:10,940 --> 00:47:18,860 a diva i'm sort of like oh oblivion bar who are those plebs who peasants get out of here peasants 498 00:47:18,860 --> 00:47:23,340 no no it's totally fine i totally get it but um is there anything you guys want to plug 499 00:47:23,340 --> 00:47:30,940 or say before we head out here today no i mean i think the uh for people that may have missed the 500 00:47:30,940 --> 00:47:36,380 whole thing the collection comes out second question comes out on the uh i believe the 7th 501 00:47:36,380 --> 00:47:41,820 of may so if people want to pick up the collection they'll be able to get the whole story um come 502 00:47:41,820 --> 00:47:46,860 the 7th of may cool yeah i'm looking forward to that too emerald city like people love the first 503 00:47:46,860 --> 00:47:51,340 volume like they was i i sold out of all my books there so i'm really excited to see how the second 504 00:47:51,340 --> 00:47:59,020 volume comes out too so as everybody hold up their volume one of bloodstained teeth yeah there is 505 00:47:59,020 --> 00:48:03,340 everybody's got theirs i want to get a photo of all of us is holding up all of our bloodstained 506 00:48:03,340 --> 00:48:10,620 teeth mine's just on my ipad oh now now i feel i feel like no now i have to go buy a physical one 507 00:48:11,340 --> 00:48:16,300 please do please do we sell enough of these we get to do a hardcover which would be amazing 508 00:48:17,100 --> 00:48:22,220 i love hardcovers yeah not yes and erin you you're gonna actually though you're gonna want to buy 509 00:48:22,940 --> 00:48:26,940 you're gonna want to buy volume two because christian told us is it okay if i announce this 510 00:48:26,940 --> 00:48:32,300 christian the thing you told me about volume two oh yes yes yes yes okay all right uh everybody 511 00:48:32,300 --> 00:48:36,140 listening right now shameless brag because we're all about the shameless brag here on the oblivion 512 00:48:36,140 --> 00:48:42,060 bar uh we have a pull quote on the back of volume two of bloodstained teeth so if you can't get 513 00:48:42,060 --> 00:48:48,140 enough of the oblivion bar bloodstained teeth combo you're gonna get some of it here at the end 514 00:48:48,140 --> 00:48:52,540 of volume two so and again thank you both for allowing us to be on that we truly appreciate it 515 00:48:52,540 --> 00:48:58,060 so another milestone for us and it was easy to brag about this the series honestly i again i'm 516 00:48:58,060 --> 00:49:02,700 not just saying that because you're here truly truly loved it so um yeah i think that'll probably 517 00:49:02,700 --> 00:49:07,420 do it and uh where can they follow you on follow you guys on social media or otherwise uh well i'm 518 00:49:07,420 --> 00:49:15,740 cj ward art and that's the same twitter and instagram at cj cj ward art and because i have 519 00:49:15,740 --> 00:49:20,620 i have absolutely no memory whatsoever um my uh instagram handle is just patrick j reynolds 520 00:49:20,620 --> 00:49:28,460 that's all just one word i could see how you couldn't remember that it being your name 521 00:49:28,460 --> 00:49:33,580 i don't know how i got dressed this morning i'm not sure of like my uh my and i'm also on twitter 522 00:49:33,580 --> 00:49:38,140 i'm on i think it's just uh patrick underscore reynolds and the uh i had to actually had to 523 00:49:38,140 --> 00:49:43,820 reference that too on my phone because i have i'm around a lot of chemicals all day so i'm sorry i 524 00:49:45,500 --> 00:49:50,140 different handles all all over the place it's all we've talked about continuity here on the 525 00:49:50,140 --> 00:49:55,500 show before about how we've tried to nab up all the oblivion bar pod handles that we can grab and 526 00:49:55,500 --> 00:50:00,540 we luckily got all of them so um yeah it's it's important so thank you guys so much for being 527 00:50:00,540 --> 00:50:05,100 here we truly appreciate it and uh we'll talk to you soon awesome thank you thanks so much 528 00:50:05,100 --> 00:50:10,140 all righty there's our conversation with both of those gentlemen christian ward and patrick reynolds 529 00:50:10,140 --> 00:50:15,340 um again go get bloodstained teeth number 10 it's going to be in comic shops it'll be at 530 00:50:15,340 --> 00:50:21,580 your local comic book shop this wednesday on march 29th so go check that out uh we also talk about it 531 00:50:21,580 --> 00:50:26,140 during the conversation erin we're going to be on the back of the volume two of bloodstained teeth 532 00:50:26,140 --> 00:50:31,020 which is incredible just very very grateful for both christian ward and patrick reynolds 533 00:50:31,020 --> 00:50:34,700 uh but but also a really special shout out to christian because again he's the one who asked 534 00:50:34,700 --> 00:50:39,100 to do that pull quote he's also the one who did our a variant cover for phantom road number one 535 00:50:39,100 --> 00:50:43,180 he's just been a really good friend to us here on the show and me personally and i'm just very very 536 00:50:43,180 --> 00:50:48,620 excited about the future of what he's going to do and also what we can do with him in the future i 537 00:50:48,620 --> 00:50:52,780 think there's going to be a couple other things down the road that we might be able to uh bring 538 00:50:52,780 --> 00:50:58,220 to the world hopefully uh in the near future so um erin let's get let's go ahead and get out of 539 00:50:58,220 --> 00:51:03,180 episode 112 here just a couple things though off the top number one erin we're going to be at mega 540 00:51:03,180 --> 00:51:07,580 con next week which is exciting this is our first comic convention together you know again if you've 541 00:51:07,580 --> 00:51:11,820 listened to us on the grid you've probably heard that erin got a job at csa comic sketch art so he 542 00:51:11,820 --> 00:51:15,660 will be joining me in orlando for mega con how excited are you by the way i'm so excited you 543 00:51:15,660 --> 00:51:22,780 know what i want to do i want to try out my uh toadstool impression when he gets that's my best 544 00:51:22,780 --> 00:51:31,820 total i'm so excited yeah that's that's a uh in an illusion no an illusion no that's that's eluding 545 00:51:31,820 --> 00:51:37,580 there we go that's alluding to what we're going to be talking about soon i think on on the grid or 546 00:51:37,580 --> 00:51:42,140 some that's a little sneak peek uh because mario the super mario brothers movie is coming out and 547 00:51:42,140 --> 00:51:47,900 i'm super excited for that erin you read my mind because actually for episode 113 of the oblivion 548 00:51:47,900 --> 00:51:53,420 bar podcast we're going to be reviewing super mario bros movie which is incredible i'm erin i'm 549 00:51:53,420 --> 00:51:58,940 going to tell you right now every single clip that i see i get more excited and i actually i asked you 550 00:51:58,940 --> 00:52:03,420 the other day i was like do you think this might be your first five out of five david a whiners i 551 00:52:03,420 --> 00:52:07,740 don't want to put too much pressure on you can't just ask somebody that that's like that's if it's 552 00:52:07,740 --> 00:52:14,860 incredible though if it's obviously obviously obviously obviously i mean i think i might even 553 00:52:14,860 --> 00:52:19,900 give it a five out of five if it's really really good it's not special from it why not it's five 554 00:52:19,900 --> 00:52:23,820 out of five david a whiners there's only one one you were to be that's ever gotten that yeah 555 00:52:24,460 --> 00:52:27,020 well that doesn't mean that it doesn't make any less special 556 00:52:27,020 --> 00:52:31,900 but yeah so episode 113 we will be talking about super mario brothers movie of course it's going to 557 00:52:31,900 --> 00:52:36,940 be so awesome can't wait to do that honestly if we hadn't just gotten together for ant man the was 558 00:52:36,940 --> 00:52:40,940 quantumania i would have said we should get together for this but i mean why not you know maybe i would 559 00:52:40,940 --> 00:52:46,380 have told you to shave your beard and that way you could have been mario or i could have been mario 560 00:52:46,380 --> 00:52:50,940 and you could have been luigi yeah i should be luigi that's what i think because you're i'm taller 561 00:52:50,940 --> 00:52:59,180 right and skinnier we'll say i'm fatter i'm fatter that's fine whatever whatever you know what you are 562 00:52:59,180 --> 00:53:03,580 beautiful the way that you are thank you and i will tell you and i will tell you this in front of the 563 00:53:03,580 --> 00:53:10,860 entire world like a plastic bag drifting through the wind all right well before erin continues to 564 00:53:10,860 --> 00:53:18,380 go on the katy perry trail there let's go ahead and get out of 112 here and let's get into the 565 00:53:18,380 --> 00:53:23,900 um let's go ahead and get out of 112 here erin go and take us out of here fine i hate this part 566 00:53:23,900 --> 00:53:29,580 because i hate saying goodbye subscribe to our podcast apple podcast sutra spotify google podcast 567 00:53:29,580 --> 00:53:34,220 amazon music and i heart radio join our patreon community forward slash oblivion 568 00:53:34,220 --> 00:53:38,860 bar pod like i said earlier thank you to our patrons here's the special part erin greg sebastian 569 00:53:38,860 --> 00:53:44,460 brad b rob david travis jeff jay cassidy george christy alex kyle hayley jeff s losie jeremy and 570 00:53:44,460 --> 00:53:50,460 brad lisa from comic book couples counseling follow us on social media facebook instagram tiktok and 571 00:53:50,460 --> 00:53:55,740 twitter at oblivion bar pod thank you whatnot for sponsoring our news note segment check out the 572 00:53:55,740 --> 00:54:00,700 referral link in our show notes and follow us over on whatnot at oblivion bar pod that's also where 573 00:54:00,700 --> 00:54:06,620 you can find our exclusive variant variant official merch of the show can be found at our website 574 00:54:07,500 --> 00:54:12,700 thank you kevin siegler for all of our oblivion bar art he's at the zig 575 00:54:12,700 --> 00:54:17,500 zone on instagram thank you dream kid for all of our oblivion bar themes thank you dj skyvac for 576 00:54:17,500 --> 00:54:21,740 our grid theme and thank you fantasy shop for sponsoring the show last but not least do not 577 00:54:21,740 --> 00:54:28,380 forget to tip your bartenders 20 or more unless you're on a cruise ship and they charge you 18 578 00:54:29,020 --> 00:54:34,060 flat for every single thing guess where erin was last week everybody 579 00:54:36,300 --> 00:54:42,460 on a cruise ship 18 every fucking check anyways have a great day that's the 580 00:54:42,460 --> 00:54:49,340 bare minimum 18 right that's the new one it wasn't even that good uh all right everybody 581 00:54:49,340 --> 00:54:52,700 well thank you so much for listening to the oblivion bar podcast we truly appreciate it 582 00:54:52,700 --> 00:55:14,060 uh we will see you next week for episode 113 bye 583 00:55:22,700 --> 00:55:30,060 so

Patric ReynoldsProfile Photo

Patric Reynolds

Comic Book Artist of Blood Stained Teeth, The Mask, and a lot of Mignolaverse

Patric left his former life as a Las Vegas high school teacher with a house, a pension, and new Toyota to go learn how to become a comic book artist. Since 2009, he has worked with Patton Oswalt and Joss Whedon (Serenity: Float Out), Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Chris Roberson, and John Arcudi on several "Mignolaverse" titles (Abe Sapien, Hellboy & the BPRD 1954, and Joe Golem), Steve Niles (The Thing), Christopher Cantwell (The Mask), Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander (Nita Hawes Nightmare Blog), and Christian Ward (Blood Stained Teeth) as comic book illustrator.

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Christian Ward

3x Eisner-winning Artist and Writer

Christian is the multi-Eisner Award winning comic book creator behind titles like Image Comics’ THE INFINITE VACATION with Nick Spencer, ODY-C with Matt Fraction, and INVISIBLE KINGDOM with G. Willow Wilson. He was also the artist on the acclaimed Marvel comics series BLACK BOLT with Saladin Ahmed, as well contributing to both THOR (with Jason Aaron) and BATMAN (with James Tynion IV).

More recently, he is the writer for Image Comics’ BLOOD STAINED TEETH with artist Patric Reynolds and is the artist behind DC Black Label’s AQUAMAN: ANDROMEDA with writer Ram V.